Interval training for accelerated fat burning

You don’t have to spend hours on a treadmill to get rid of excess fat. Choose from five cardio training sessions to burn fat quickly. and, they’re not as boring as trampling on the spot!

Training summary
The main goal is to get rid of excess fat
Cardio’s type of workout
Training level Beginner
Program duration 8 weeks
Number of trainings 2 times a week
Training duration 20-30 minutes
Necessary equipment Own weight, weights, anything you want
For whom? For Women and Men

Training Description

You’ve done a great job with the weights, you’ve gotten hot, you feel cheerful and energetic and you’re going to give the treadmill 30-40 minutes. This is not the best idea from the point of view of efficiency in terms of both correct recovery and basic principles of fat burning.

Probably the first thing that comes to mind when you press the buttons on the tracker is tedious, long, boring. But “you have to” – you’ve read in fashion magazines, you’ve seen “expert advice” in “Good morning”, that you have to jump on a treadmill, bicycle or elliptical trainer a couple of hours a week to burn fat and become slender, right?

There is a better and much more effective way to get rid of excess fat and make your body slimmer and more elastic.

It’s a kind of cardio workout where you perform exercises with high intensity for a short period of time, combined with rest periods. Each interval is repeated a certain number of times in a certain training program. Intervals, ranging from short to moderate, are designed to increase Post-training Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). This allows for intensive calorie consumption and fat burning, even in the field of stopping training.

This gives you the following powerful benefits in the fight against excess fat:

More intensive training
The training you’re really interested in
Shorter cardio sessions (which effectively reduces the burden on the heart)
Strengthening post-training calorie consumption

And so, to your attention, 5 unique training programs to effectively get rid of fat with an average time of 20 minutes for training. You will raise the intensity to a new level. No more tedious treading on the treadmill. You will be interested in saving a lot of time, calories and fat to keep burning even after training.

1. weights training

In this type of training you use one weight. The fact that you work with one weight in counterweight mode on only one side of the body will make your stabilizing muscles, bark muscles and other muscles, which usually “sleep”, work in a more unusual mode. And this will put the necessary strain on your cardiovascular system.

You have to do 4 to 5 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions. The rest time between the approaches is 1 minute.
Exercise Number of repetitions
One-handed jerk 10-15
Wave the weights in front of you with two hands 10-15
Sitting in a glass position 10-15
Press up with one hand 10-15
Reverse attacks (backfire) 10-15
” Twisting on the floor 10-15

Note: for each one limb exercise, perform 10-15 repetitions per arm or leg. When performing backward protrusions, hold the weight in the arm opposite the supporting leg. Twists on the floor can be performed by holding the weight on the chest or without additional weight. Depends on your level of preparation at this stage.

2. put on a sports jacket

Nothing can be better than outdoor training. Fresh air, no queuing for exercise equipment, the ability to do cardio exercises anywhere. Try an interval sprint. Forget about the boring treadmill. You can do real, interesting and effective running exercises instead of pressing buttons on the panel.

Try one of the following interval sprint training sessions, which you can alternate as you like – depending on your energy status, mood or simply as you wish:

Do a 10-meter sprint run, then take a quiet step back to the start. Then a 20-metre sprint jerk, and then go back to the start again in steps. Add 10 meters to each next race and bring the distance up to 50 meters. Perform 5 such cycles.
Run 10 30-meter heats each. Each time you return to the start “backwards” or as a side step.
Use the stadium stands or stairs in the park, for example. Immediately mark the number of steps for the exercise. Run 10 runs up the stairs, each time in a calm step backwards. Very effective and fascinating in terms of showing progress. You will be able to observe how gradually you add a step and rise to your goal – a healthy, functional, slim and beautiful body.

3. unconventional methods of fat burning

Fattening cardio training need not consist of running or cycling. Some little-known training methods are gradually gaining popularity due to their effectiveness. Pulling or pushing sleds, weights and strength training are not only very effective in getting rid of excess fat, but also helps to get rid of the boredom that inevitably accompanies the treadmill’s treadmill clock in “traditional” cardio.

Interval training

Perform 3 or 4 approaches in the next round. Rest after each lap for 2 minutes.
Exercise Number of repetitions
We’re pushing the sled 10 meters
Wave the weights in front of you with two hands 10-15
We’re pulling a sled 10 meters
Jumps up from lying position 10-15
Jumping on a pedestal 10-15
Push-ups 10-15
Lifting the legs in the “hanging position” 10-15

Note: if you do not have a sled in your gym, you can replace the sled exercise with a farmer’s walking exercise – take a weight or dumbbell in each hand and walk 10 meters, or a suitcase walk – take a dumbbell or weight in one hand, walk 10 meters with a weight in one hand, then with a weight in the other hand. If there is no pedestal – instead of jumping to the pedestal, you can perform “jumps from the sitting position” or fall out by changing the position of your legs by jumping.

So, you not only diversify your training, but also make up your own training program, include an element of creativity in your classes. You learn to feel your body and it will thank you for understanding.

4. getting rid of excess fat from the comfort of your home

If for any reason you don’t have time or opportunity to get to the gym, it’s not a problem. Circuit training at home is a great way to keep yourself toned and get rid of excess fat. Here’s the thing – no matter what you’re told in fashion magazines or popular shows – your body weight and motivation is more than enough for a great workout.

In addition, training with your own weight helps you to build a functional body, muscles “for daily use”, which will allow you to control your body in a way that is not possible with more than one simulator.

Training for fat burning

Note: In the next round, perform 3 to 5 approaches of 10-15 repetitions each. Rest between rounds – 2 minutes.
Exercise Number of repetitions
Jumps up from lying position 10-15
Push-ups 10-15
Twists and turns for presses on the floor 10-15
Jumps up from seeding position 10-15
Exercise for the press “bike” 10-15
Rock climbing exercise 10-15
Backward or forward lunges in motion 10-15
Short distance sprint of 20 meters

Note: In bicycle, lunge and rock climbing exercises, count on each leg for repetitions. For a sprint, set a distance in advance. If there is no access to the sprint area (no space or weather hinders), it can be easily replaced – do 10-15 jumps from the sitting position.

5. A duel with a partner

Pairing up with the same motivated person as you will give you a lot of benefits. This approach does not oblige you to adhere to the planned training plan, you strive to do everything properly, you get an additional incentive to train, and a little competition among themselves will bring additional pleasure to your classes. If you have a training partner, it’s much easier and more interesting to move towards success.

Training partner

For your next training session, you need a partner – your like-minded person who supports you and helps you move forward (this is not someone who criticizes without giving anything in return – this is not a partner). You start the first exercise and your partner starts with the second. Each of you alternates two exercises without rest for 3-5 approaches, and then move on to the next pair of exercises. Consider your level of preparedness – you may not need to take a break between pairs of exercises, or take a short break of 30 seconds. Do 10-15 repetitions in each exercise.

Exercise Number of repetitions

1a. Jumps up from lying down position 10-15
1b. Exercise for the press “bike” 10-15
2a. Jumping on a pedestal 10-15
2b. Push-ups 10-15
3a. Press the weights with one hand 10-15
3b. Pull or push the sled 10 meters
4a. Sprint 30 meters
4b. Wave the weights in front of you with two hands 10-15

Note: jumps to the pedestal can be replaced by jumping up from the squat, any weighted exercise can be replaced by a dumbbell exercise, pulls or jerks of sleds – “farmer’s walk” or “suitcase walk”, and a sprint can be replaced by bouncing.

Ask questions. Share your results. Comment. Put on “likes”.

We will gladly answer your questions and togester we will take one more step to achieve the goal.

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